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About Us

Bow & Arrow, Inc. was formed in the year 2010 by two best friends who first met in 1978. Our philosophy behind this company is to provide excellent quality and environmentally friendly clothes to the mass public. We are committed to producing our products in the United States of America, using U.S. produced fabrics as well as domestic labor during the production. As a matter of fact, we are currently doing all of our production locally in Southern California. We are extremely serious about doing all we can to keep “made in the U.S.A.” on our tags.

We are both huge fans of “American Classic” or “Americana” styles. Our concept is to take what is already a classic and add a bit of modern twist to it. As you can imagine there are limitless number of items we can use for this concept and our designers are working constantly to come up with classic designs that will appeal to modern consumers. In addition to working with already existing graphic art we also have a number of “original” graphic designs which are created in house by some of the top upcoming designers/artists in the region.

We are very excited with this amazing opportunity to provide excellent quality clothes with fabulous designs to the mass. We will appreciate your encouragements and cheers as we try hard to become the latest “American Classic”.